The Marathon Of Life

Sport so often throws up good vibes & good feelings…so many heartfelt stories & achievements…and so many people can relate to ‘getting through’ the barriers. What I’m referring to here is that not everyone can understand first hand what it is like to play sport at the very top….Like representing your country at rugby, netball, soccer or cricket….But a great many of us can relate to running / jogging. What I’m getting at now is….the wonderful feedback & tributes to people whom finished the recent Gold Coast marathon.

The majority of us can jog & train with running….so for those that challenged themselves to take on a half marathon, let alone the full marathon, you will relate to Kim Morrison’s (Mrs Sport!) honest & frank account of what the Gold Coast marathon did for her…go suss on Chocie chicks Kim & Fleur’s website… and you’ll understand what I mean – Inspiring read???….You betcha! It is also about celebration….Those of you that have pushed yourself hard, for the pursuit of a goal….and had success with achieving, will truly get that it is so crucial to celebrate the achievement not only for yourself, but for the event of celebration is also hugely uplifting for those around – close to you!

The Gold Coast Marathon 2011

Sport truly is a metaphor for life….The ups n downs of life can so often be mirrored in sporting pursuits we humans take on!

For example, the Marathon….yours truly was down on the Gold Coast for the July 3 event and was ‘blown-away’ by the endeavours of so many people….desperate to achieve their goals with this gruelling challenge!

A few such folk were my wife & her Chocie chick colleagues! Fleur & Stacy did the half marathon…and over came much pain physically, as well as mentally to complete the HM.
Kim made me and our two children so very proud….to witness Kim running with a chest cold & aching limbs at the 30k mark…and to be at the end of the marathon to see her finish was hugely uplifting & a real inspiration.

Kim relayed the Cliffy Young story during her ultra marathon days in Melbourne….Cliffy had always said….”That running these distances and completing them, is 10% physical & 90% mental”….Man ya gotta take your hat off to those that set their sights of wanting to take on a marathon and finish it!

It really was a joy for me to see up close n personal thousands of folk bobbing along the esplanade of Southport and outlying beaches of the Gold Coast, focusing on their goal….To finish those 42.2Kms!! If you fancy reading her blog on how she got through then click here and enjoy… it’s a long one, but truly inspiring!!/

Now to the oval ball code of rugby…congrats once again to the Qld Reds for the Super 15 title for 2011. I have to make mention of Brad Thorn…the man’s a freak! He has been named in the latest All Blacks Tri Nations squad…and he was 36 yrs old back in early Feb!! What an absolute warrior….given that he debuted for the Brisbane Broncos NRL side in mid 1994…then switched to Union in 2001….back to rugby league in 2005 & then back again to Union at the end of 2007!…and he’s a tight five forward, not some glamour boy winger or fullback!

And on the topic of inspiration….who didn’t love the big, bold smiles on the Manu Samoan rugby team players faces! What a scalp! Downing the Wallabies 32 – 23 on Sunday  Too go with that fabulous 1991 World Cup match win over the Welsh….this latest victory by the wee island nation goes a long way to building massive confidence for the upcoming World Cup in New Zealand…Gez you can’t help but enjoy the under-dog perform well & win…From right out of nowhere!